The 2021 Sunshine State Teaching and Learning Sharing Conference and Escape Room will be held virtually on Friday, January 29, 2021.

This event is hosted by the University of South Florida (Tampa Bay).

Call for Presentations

Participants from all sectors of higher education in and beyond the state of Florida are encouraged to submit proposals for digital presentations related to contemporary challenges in college teaching. Topics may include best practices in hybrid and online teaching; course redesign; active-learning strategies; technologies to support active learning; engaging students in online environments; high-impact learning experiences; ensuring accessibility for all students; learning spaces; reflection and mindfulness; teaching in politically and socially complicated moments; exploring the role/s of faculty in promoting and assessing student success; and new frontiers in teaching and learning.

All presentations will be pre-recorded videos lasting 5-10 minutes.

Presentations can be screencast captures of the presenter’s computer screen (preferred for presentations about LMS tips or particular software), or webcam video of the presenter talking through a teaching technique. Presentations may also be narrated PowerPoint presentations saved as a movie file.

Here are examples of several types of videos you could consider:

Please note: the emphasis at this sharing conference is on teaching practices, not research findings.

The call for papers will close on October 11, 2020. Presenters will be accepted on a rolling basis, but no later than October 11. Videos can be submitted any time after acceptance, but no later than the end of October 2020 (so that we have time to construct the escape room – see below – and lay out all videos in the “online poster session”).

Escape Room

The morning of the conference is dedicated to playing through a virtual Escape Room. Each participant will play separately (and asynchronously, on that same morning). Help and hints will be available via a dedicated link on Microsoft-TEAMS.

The Escape Room will make use of twelve videos selected from the larger pool of participant presentations, and fitted into custom-created puzzles and storylines. To give you an idea of how all that would work, we have assembled a sample Escape Room here.

While the sample has only one level, there will be several levels to progress through in the real Escape Room in January.

Agenda at a Glance

  • January 29, 9am-noon: Participants play through the Escape Room at their own pace
  • January 29, 10am-4pm: Participants view the primary set of presenter videos laid out as an online poster session, and can chat with each other and conference organizers via a dedicated MS-TEAMS meeting room. The same meeting room can be used to talk about their experiences with the online Escape Room.

The list of presenters will be made available by November 2020.

Conference Registration

All attendees and presenters are required to pay the full conference registration, which reflects the effort needed to host the event digitally and construct the Escape Room game.

Note: participants should verify whether they are allowed to use university/college money for travel.